The CAN FD Model
of the GL3000 Series


The data logger GL3400 encompasses all benefits of the GL3000 series and additionally supports CAN FD. This means that signals of the bus system can be recorded from up to 12 CAN FD channels. Both ISO and NON-ISO (Bosch) standard is supported.
Additionally, both the processor and interfaces (compared to previous models) are upgraded with stronger and faster data processing capabilities.

Alongside the CAN-/CAN FD-/LIN and Ethernet measuring data, measurement data from digital and analogue inputs as well as CCP/XCP and diagnosis protocols can be saved time synchronous. This means that test drives and individual test tasks concerning the vehicle electronics can be accomplished successfully.

The device is also equipped with five Ethernet interfaces with integrated switch. It offers Ethernet-Raw-Logging, alongside TCP-/UDP-Logging, as well as the possibility to connect up to 4 cameras and other G.i.N. extension devices like a GLX504 for additional 4 CAN FD interfaces.

Furthermore, GL3400 is able to store measurement data in a compact and smart manner: G.i.N. verified SSD with faster write speed and higher storage capacity.

Areas of Application

HIL test stands
HIL test stands
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❯ Automated logging
❯ Rest bus simulation
❯ Gateway functionality with optional signal manipulation
❯ Automated data transmission
❯ Automated reconfiguration
Testing as part of the development process
Testing as part of the development process
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❯ Fleet operation and monitoring
❯ Switching to Sleep mode when the bus is idle
❯ Wake-up the data logger via bus activity
❯ Automated triggers (e.g. for error memory entries)
Analysis of Control Unit Behaviour
Analysis of Control Unit Behaviour
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❯ CCP/XCP on CAN/CAN FD/Ethernet (100Base-T1/1000Base-T1)
❯ Vehicle diagnostics
❯ DLT (Diagnostic, Log and Trace)
❯ Customer specific communication protocols
Quality assurance
Quality assurance
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❯  Fleet operation and observation
❯  Field testing
❯  Summer and winter testing
❯  Damage analysis (rainflow classifications)
Mobile Data Transfer
Mobile Data Transfer
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❯ Online data transfer
❯ Online configuration transfer
❯ Online signal representation and analysis
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❯  Supervising data logger measuring systems on-site with the customer
❯  Converting measurement tasks into data logger configurations
❯  Tracking of problems in the vehicle
❯  Analysis of logged data from the vehicle
❯  Customer specific solutions for specific requirements
❯  Implementation of customer specific websites on the data logger (GLWebDisplay)
❯  Implementing measuring systems in the vehicle

Standalone tool for time-synchronous recording of the bus systems in modern vehicles

Short start-up time and low power consumption

Sleep mode with active wake-up

Supports diagnostic and CCP/XCP

Offers a wide range of configuration options

Fast access to measurement data via various readout options

Remote maintainability via mobile radio and WLAN

In-Vehicle Usage



AUX+ splitter for simultaneous connection of multiple extension devices to one data logger


Device for an uninterruptible supply

Mounting plate

For attaching the GiN products equipped with the new GiN case system


For a further 12 CAN interfaces and up to 15 serial interfaces


Compact handset for voice recording and playback


For 4 further CAN FD interfaces


4 x CAN FD Receive Repeater


2 x LIN to CAN converter


Recording of pictures and image sequences on data loggers.

HostCAM F44

With up to 4 sensor units for recording pictures and image sequences on data loggers


Freely configurable, controllable
display with page switching and event triggering via push button

LTE Router

LTE router for mobile data transmission


Compact monitor for displaying digital signals and conditions via 8 LEDs


Triggering events via 4 push buttons and calling up states via 4 LEDs


Compact handset for displaying conditions via 3 LEDs and for triggering events via 1 push-button with additional sound output.


Compact handset for displaying conditions, triggering events and for voice recording as well as sound output.

Download Area

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TitleSizeDate addedDownload
MLtools_MLcenter_Manual_E3.29 MB25-08-2022
GiNconf configuration program V. 1.5.0000 (64 Bit)333.78 MB17-03-2024
Visual LTL (V. MB17-03-2024
LTL_programming_Manual_E3.69 MB18-09-2023
MLtools (V. MB01-04-2024
LogGraph analysis program (V. 4.2)6.29 MB28-04-2023
GLWebDisplay_GLWebserver_Manual_E1.03 MB01-04-2022
GL3400_Manual_E2.33 MB28-04-2023
GiNconf_Manual_E2.57 MB25-08-2022
VisualLTL_Manual_E7.41 MB25-03-2022
LogGraph_Manual_E1.79 MB25-03-2022
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