Mounting Plate

The mounting plate is suitable for attaching the GiN products GL5300 series/GL5450/GL3400/GLA710/GLA618 (all products equipped with the new GiN case system).
You can easily attach a device to the mounting plate by locking the housing feet into place. Thanks to identical latching holes on the upper side of each device, multiple devices can also be stacked.
Fixing the plate to the vehicle can be accomplished in many ways: clamping bolts, ratchet straps, double-sided tape, touch fastener, seat belts or the attachment system Isofix. This means that you can store your device in many different positions without problems.
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Mounting Plate Info Sheet

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The mounting plate can be used in the cabin and in the trunk
Housing feet of GiN devices are easy to engage and disengage
Seat belts can be inserted in any of the two middle elongated holes
Tie-down or ratchet straps can be used
Multiple attachment solutions
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