The CANextender is a programmable input/output unit for CAN-based measurement and control systems. It can be used in any situation where analog or digital values must be recorded and transmitted via CAN messages on the CAN bus. Eight programmable contact outputs are also available. The CANextender is autobootable and can thus be used to emulate control equipment. CANextender is available in 2 variants:
  • CANextender AT 8 x Dig I/O, 8 x differential analog inputs, 2 x temperature input for thermocouples type K (NiCr-Ni)
  • CANextender AA 8 x Dig I/O, 8 x differential analog inputs, 4 x analog output
Freely programmable input/output device for CAN systems
Programmed transmission of CAN messages
Usage of simple up to to complex conditions
Integration of CAN databases (DBC)
Configuration and software update via RS232
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