Visual LTL

Visual LTL (VLTL) is a graphical development environment to easily and comfortably configure the data loggers. This environment contains a set of graphical objects which are connected by lines, to show their relation to each other, and are used for developing and creating new objects. Standard objects as well as new ones can be saved in libraries and protected by passwords. This environment additionally offers effortless reusability of already created objects and libraries in new configurations. One click is all that is needed to compile the configuration to the G.i.N. data logger programming language LTL and transfer it to the data logger.
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Easy reusability of already created trigger conditions, configuration parts and other functional parts
VLTL helps and improves group work especially with large projects
Offers a good overview of created configurations
User specific libraries allow to easily share features with other users
Already tested objects do not need to be tested again if they are reused
Complete (data logger) configurations with all the necessary files (libraries, DBC files, Include files, COD files) can be shared as one simple “VLTL package file”
Database files can be used with drag and drop
For messages sent by the data logger, fitting database files are automatically created

Supported Device Series

GL5300 series

The GL5300 data logger series cover the synchronous recording of CAN/LIN bus systems, from MOST/FlexRay networks to CAN FD busses (up to 4x CAN FD on the GL5350 and up to 12x CAN FD on the GL5370) and Ethernet networks.
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The GL5450 can log data from up to 20 x 100Base-T1 and 6 x 1000Base-T1 interfaces with a very precise time stamp resolution of 64 ns on up to 2 SSDs. The GL5450 is controlled and configured via the GL5350/GL5370.
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The data logger GL3400 encompasses all benefits of the GL3000 series and additionally supports CAN FD. This means that signals of the bus system can be recorded from up to 12 CAN FD channels.
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The data logger GL2400 encompasses all the benefi ts of the GL2000 series, in addition to supporting CAN FD. This means that it can record signals of the CAN FD bus system. It supports both the ISO and non-ISO (Bosch) standard.
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GL2000 series

The GL2000 series, with its 4 CAN and 2 LIN buses, closes the gap between the GL1000 series and the G.i.N. high-end data logger.
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GL1000 series

The GL1000 is our smallest data logger, which is characterized by its high storage capacity, easy handling as well as the extensive configuration options.
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GL3000 series

The GL3000 series is a synonym for performance, flexibility, reliability and robustness, and can evaluate and store all the important automotive bus systems synchronously and in real time.
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GL4000 series

The GL4000 (CF card) und GL4200 (solid state harddisk) are the high-end data loggers in the G.i.N. product portfolio. Analogous to the GL3000 series, the GL4000 and GL4200 offer access to major automotive bus systems (CAN, LIN, MOST, K-Line und RS-232).
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CANlog4 is the optimal tool for efficient data collection and storage of ECU data in passenger and utility vehicles.
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CANlog3 is the optimal tool for efficient data collection and storage of ECU data in passenger and utility vehicles
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Freely programmable input/output device for CAN systems for measurement and control.
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