Loss of Power
but no Loss of Data


The power supply of data loggers often fails when least expected. The quality of the power supply can also fluctuate heavily. Without using a UPS, this leads to the data logger not being able to shutdown properly. Which in turn leads to loss of critical and sensitive measuring data in the ring buffer of the data logger. GLA710, as an UPS (uninterruptible power supply), offers energy supply for G.i.N data loggers, independent from the vehicle battery, to ensure continued supply of power, saving of all recorded data and a proper shutdown of the data logger system (data logger and connected accessories) in case of a failure in the power supply system. Not only failures but also a momentary undervoltage can be compensated with GLA710 to ensure seamless data recording.
High reliability
Timely protection of the ring buffer content in a power fail
Backup time up to 3 minutes
Protection of up to two data loggers
User friendly
Tracks the data logger’s sleep after 3 seconds
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