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Our software tools offer you an ideal and flexible development environment to program data loggers in the programming language LTL, to reach a trouble-free operation of your configuration, efficiently readout measuring values, create vehicles and much more. With the help of our modern server tools, your measuring data can be safely readout and configured via SSD, WLAN/LAN, mobile radio or an USB connection.
With the help of our modern server tools, your measurement data can be read out and configured securely via SSD, WLAN/LAN, mobile radio or via a USB connection.

Our Software


GiNconf is a user interface that helps you to configure, control and read out G.i.N. data loggers and the CANextender.
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Visual LTL

Visual LTL offers the ideal development environment to easily program and manage configurations in graphical form.
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MLtools is used to safely and automatically readout measuring data via SSD, WLAN/LAN as well as mobile radio. It is also possible to transfer new configurations to the data logger.
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LogGraph is a comfortable tool to display, manage and efficiently evaluate recorded test results.
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