Discover the new
Data Logger GL3400

The data logger GL3400 encompasses all benefits of the
GL3000 series and additionally supports CAN FD.
Additionally, both the processor and interfaces are upgraded
with faster data processing capabilities.
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GLA618 - The AUX⁺ Distributor

The GLA618 combines the advantages of high-precision data recording
in time-synchronous connection with several GiN accessory devices
(e.g. GLX504 and GLX427) to a data logger (e.g. GL53xx).
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GLA710 the Inline Powerbank

Prevent data loss because of heavily varying or failed electrical
systems on board. Save the content of the ring buffers even after
a failure in the supply voltage and ensure a proper shutdown of the
data logger. GLA710 as an UPS satisfies with its fast charging times
and a high power density.
The device is built with capacitors and therefore without
hazardous materials, which means it can be transported problem-free.
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GiNconf Packet 1.4.0110

There is a new GiNconf version, that you can download from
the GiNconf product website or from our download center.
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There is a new MLtools version, that you can download from
the MLtools product website or from our download center.
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Vector Logger Suite /
Logging Exporter 4.1.105 SP1 (64 bit)

There is a new Vector Logger Suite and Vector Logger Exporter version,
that you can download from our download center.
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GL2010 - IP65

Splash water and dust protected.
Ideal for use in dusty terrain.
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Intelligent Data Loggers

Powerful, reliable, robust and flexible – our product range satisfies through technical functionality for a diverse application in the automotive industry and in test stands. Intelligent data loggers record data of various bus systems and support many specific software protocols. They act as gateway, rest bus simulator or controller and allow extensive filter and trigger possibilities to reduce unnecessary data floods.
Our Data Loggers and their Field of Application
The success of our products fulfils our customers requirement for ensuring that the networking of their high-efficiency bus systems is as near as possible to fault free. Thus, you can find our products in the automotive industry, construction and agriculture vehicles, transport sector via land or sea, in medical technology and much more.
Worldwide Application of our Data Loggers
Europe, Asia or America – notable companies rely on our innovative products and solutions and use them with great success.
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Overview of our Products
To ease your entry into our product and service range, we summarised our wide product portfolio into one concise catalog. We are happy to advise and help you on your search for a fitting product and solution for your challenges. This is our mission!
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